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Rural Agricultural Work Experience

The Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) provides exposure to agricultural students to the natural setting of the village situations, work with the farm families, identify their problems and make use of various extension tools for transferring the latest agricultural technologies.


Objectives of the Programme

  1. To provide an opportunity to the students to understand the rural setting in relation to agriculture and allied activities.

  2. To get the students familiar with socio-economic conditions of the farmers and their problems..with reference to agricultural development.

  3. To impart diagnostic and remedial knowledge to the students relevant to real field situations through practical training.

  4. To develop communication skills in students using extension teaching methods in transfer of technology.

  5. To develop confidence and competence to solve agricultural problems.

  6. To help students to acquaint with on-going extension and rural development programmes.

Faculty Incharge

RAWE Coordinator

Dr. Jayakumar

Associate Professor (Agricultural Extension)

RAWE 2019 Batch

Various activities of MITCAT students at RAWE